Diesel generating set GMD1000

Diesel generating set GMD1000

  • Photo of diesel genset GMD1000.
  • Photo of diesel genset GMD1000 in canopy.
  • Photo of diesel genset GMD1000.

General specifications

Max power 1000 kVA / 800 kW
Cont power 910 kVA / 728 kW

Engine specifications

Type Hyundai (Doosan)
Model DP222CC
Cooling water-cooled
Rate speed 1500 rpm
Engine start electric starting
Fuel consumption @ 70% (prime) 137 l/h

Alternator specifications

Type Mecc Alte
Model ECO 43-2S/4
Phase 3
Voltage 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Protection IP23

Type Stamford
Model HCI6H
Phase 3
Voltage 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Protection IP23

Control panel

Model GMCA20-04


Open set
Dimensions, LхWхH 3640×1700×2440 mm
Weight 4230 kg
Dimensions, LхWхH 5800×1940×2550 mm
Weight 5870 kg
Noise 76 dB @ 7 m
Note: exterior and technical data are subject to change

A complete set configuration can be made to custom order with required specifications (a combination of the engine, generator, control panel, power parameters, dimensions, noise muffling level, fuel tank size, etc.).

To custom-order, please, contact the GMGen Power Systems Commercial Department.