Power Generators and Lighting Towers to Solve any Task

The range of GMGen Power Systems power generators is one of the widest on the global market and is continuously updated in accordance with the customers’ changing requirements. Our generating sets are equipped with diesel and gasoline engines of world-famous brands.

A peculiar feature of our company is individual approach to each customer. Therefore, we manufacture all necessary additional equipment for our power generators at our facilities. In particular, GMGen Power Systems company manufactures noise protection zinced enclosures, which allow to reduce the output noise level to 59 dB (A).

Besides, GMGen Power Systems company offers the following equipment to its customers:

  • compact electric generators;
  • generator sets with synchronization systems (of parallel operation) for individual power generators meant to supply power surpluses to the utility line;
  • high-voltage generators with the voltage from 6.3 to 10.5 kV;
  • remote control generators;
  • welding units;
  • lighting platforms equipped with hydraulic hoists, metal-halide and LED lamps meant, in particular, for heavy operational modes.